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From doggy bags to swearing attendants, 'Stay Classy' reveals wedding day horrors

The Peotone resident, who works in graphic design for Pro-am Team Sports in Mokena, has compiled more than 100 anecdotes in the hopes of providing both comic relief and education. The stories, which also include tales of logistics gone awry, groomzillas who make bridezillas look passive, and bridesmaids relieving themselves along the lakefront, are meant to provide a chuckle for those who've been down the aisle and a bit of enlightenment for those planning the trip, Drake said. "It's all about laughing at the human condition and maybe learning from it to avoid the same mishaps in your own wedding," said Drake, who, yes, is married, and, yes, includes his own wedding in the book. "The room next door was a high school prom and somebody thought it'd be good idea to wave in some of the promsters," he recalled. "There were a couple of guys dressed in 'Dumb and Dumber' tuxedos but nothing bad happened." But there are plenty of "bad" anecdotes in the book, including the story about a groom who called Drake's office the day after the wedding "to apologize for screaming at me at the reception. The only problem was, he never spoke to me. At all," Drake said. "Someone had an earful from a drunken groom that night, but it wasn't me." Each topic in the book, from "guests" to "vendors," gets its own chapter. Collectively, the book shows prospective couples all that can go right by illustrating all that can go wrong.

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